Wednesday, January 17, 2018


January 12th & 15th: NO SCHOOL
February 2: PACE Center Field Trip & School Sock Hop
February 14th: Valentine Party - Time 1:40-2:20

Please make sure to register your child for our upcoming field trip to the PACE center through your child’s RevTrack account. (Found on the Gold Rush website.)

We will have our class Valentine party on Wednesday, February 14th. Time 1:40-2:20 (2 amazing parents are planning our party: Mrs Simington and Mrs. Farley) Children are welcomed to create a box to collect Valentines in, and bring one Valentine for each student. A class list will be sent home soon.

Please view the Sock Hop flyer in the Barker Blog. This is a free event and all families are encouraged to come out for a fun time!


During Reader’s Workshop we have moved on to a new reading comprehension strategy, Determining Importance. Identifying the most important parts and the details helps the reader to deepen their understanding of the text. It is important to monitor our comprehension by using this strategy and all of the strategies we have been exploring this school year. We will also continue to work on reading fluency, building stamina as a reader, and making sure that we are reading a book that is just right for us.

We will wrap up our Narrative Writing Unit during the first two weeks of January, then front load our Informational Writing Unit with a deep study of Famous Americans.. The following bullets are questions/thinking points that will be the focus during this unit:

  • Why was this American considered important in the history of America?
  • What did this American accomplish?
  • How did this accomplishment change the history of American?
  • How is life in America different today because of this person’s accomplishment?
  • Childhood facts.
  • Adult-life facts.
  • Family life.
  • Interesting and fun things from this person’s life.
  • Character traits that helped or hurt this person in their accomplishments.

Our study of place value, addition and subtraction has continued this month. Students and classrooms are diving into the hands-on practice of building and decomposing numbers through place value, utilizing addition and subtraction stories to combine, separate and compare.

  • Using a place value model to represent a 2-digit number as tens and ones
  • Finding as many combinations of a 2-digit number as possible, using only tens and ones
  • Recognizing that different combinations of tens and ones for the same number are equivalent ie. 4 tens and 6 ones, are equivalent to 3 tens and 16 ones
  • Identifying and using coin equivalencies to compose 2- digit numbers
  • Determining the difference between a number and multiple of 10 up to 100

Helping your child with math: Click Here
Math Words and Ideas: Click Here
Investigations Game Center: Math Games

It is so exciting to see the progress students are making in their spelling. Students were given a spelling inventory before Thanksgiving break and some students moved into different groups based on the results of their assessment, weekly spelling test scores, and spelling quizzes. Spelling groups were formed based on their understanding of spelling patterns. Newly formed groups started the week of December 4th. Please continue to support your child by making sure that their word sorts are practiced daily along with the 5 “No Excuse Words” and challenge word of the week. Using the sorts throughout the week helps your child develop, concretely, the spelling pattern they are working on for the week.

In science, we are wrapping up our focus on weather and moving into a focus of Famous Americans. Please see the questions and thinking points listed above that students will be using during their investigations.